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Soleil International School of Hiroo is situated in the most international area in Tokyo, surrounded by the greenery of Sacred Heart University and luxurious Hiroo residences. We are surrounded by a rich international community with several embassies, super markets selling international products and restaurants serving exquisite international cuisine. There are also interesting local international events in our community such as trick or treating during Halloween. It is common to hear English and other languages spoken outside while walking to school.


Immersive English Environment

We require the students and teachers to speak only English throughout the whole day at school to promote the development of natural English conversational skills. Students are challenged to find the words to say the things they want to communicate most to their peers and teachers. The result is a classroom where students are speaking English comfortably to each other even during free play times or meal times. In this environment students learn natural expressions to convey their opinions and ideas rather than just memorizing and repeating the same simple greetings. English immersion helps the students develop the ability to think completely in English in real time without having translate as they speak, listen, read or write.


Relaxing Global Atmosphere

Our smaller class sizes and student to teacher ratio ensures that each student has the opportunity to participate fully in each activity to the fullest. Students enjoy the full attention of staff and teachers every day, which provides them with unlimited opportunities to communicate any of their thoughts, feelings or ideas. Everyone is able to focus on their studies in a relaxed atmosphere while being exposed to cultures from all over the globe as we have teachers from America, Europe, Oceania and Africa. Each teacher has their own academic strengths and is eager to share their culture and experiences with all the students.


Academic Excellence

Despite our relaxing, at home environment we expect great things from our students academically and we are determined to provide them with all the tools to make them successful in any academic institution. We are always challenging the boundaries of what our students can learn in all subjects; math, science, art, music, social studies and more. We take advantage of our students’ natural intellectual curiosity to help them develop a strong fundamental understand of the natural environment and advanced scientific topics. Topics in all subjects are introduced and taught through several different mediums so that each student can excel in the learning style they are most comfortable with. This multi-faceted approach encourages the growth of critical thinking skills and gives students the tools they need to overcome obstacles in their personal academic journey.


Future Global Citizens


In addition to providing students with everything they need to succeed academically, we also pride ourselves in helping each student to develop a strong character and culturally understanding attitude. We train our students to be accepting, understanding and compassionate so that they can communicate and work effectively in a global community. The sum of all these parts gives birth to well-rounded students and life-long learners with unlimited options to succeed as future global citizens.  



Preschool, Kindergarten, After school, Saturday school, Baby class, Home tutoring

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